Bygone Tales Ep 20 Lions And Tigers And Cryptids Oh My(Minus The Lions And Tigers)

Bygone Tales Episode 20


"The Horror-Horn" by E.F. Benson

"A Tropical Horror" by William Hope Hodgson


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Alleged yeti footprints at the Himalayas found by Frank Smythe in 1937. Photograph was printed in Popular Science, 1952. The footprints were alleged to be from a yeti but were examined by experts and found indisputably to be bear's. Smythe accepted this conclusion. For his comments on the photograph see his articles: F. S. Smythe. (1937). Abominable Snowmen—Pursuit in the Himalayas—A Mystery Explained. Times (London), November 10. F. S. Smythe. (1937). The Abominable Snowmen. Times (London), November 16.

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